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Evidence Based Diagnosis & Treatment of Vitamin B12 | Folate-deficiency

Research of B-Vitamins, Homocysteine & (One Carbon) Metabolism

Due to increasing public awareness of B12-Deficiency and the growing patient-waiting-lists at our own and other hospitals, we consider that our work has reached the limit of its possibilities in its current constraint.

In order to accommodate this urgent demand and equally importantly to expand research projects relevant to patients and thus society, we are opening a specialised, independent B12-Deficiency Research & Treatment Institute. The Institute will be sited in Rotterdam.


  • To significantly expand our capability and capacity to identify non and under diagnosed Vitamin B12 Deficient patients.


  • Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in line with medical research.
  • To draft a satisfactory diagnosis and treatment protocol for B12-deficiency and to overhaul the current protocol.
  • Clarifying correlation between symptoms and biochemical markers
  • Create Medical School for education in B12 research
  • Creating scientific articles about this subject and its co-factors
  • Significant cost savings in healthcare

All of the above in proposed to reduce the burden of suffering of patients and in doing so, achieve highly significant cost savings.

We will work closely with researchers of Vitamin B12 Deficiency at the Erasmus Medical Centre – Rotterdam, Department of a clinical Chemistry, University of California, Davis, CA, USA and strengthen our working relationship globally with qualified researchers demonstrating special interest in Vitamin B12, such as this important vitamin and its essential co-factors pertain to human health.

We are delighted to confirm that we are currently on course to open Europe’s first B12 Deficiency Research and Treatment Institute in the summer of 2016.

The B12-Deficiency Research Group NL, Institute in formation.

Postbus 25220

3001 HE Rotterdam

the Netherlands